Article 1 – General sales conditions


1-1  In conformity with the French law of July 22, 2009, local tourism organisms, benefitting from national, regional or local public aid, may, in the general interest, undertake or assist in the organization or sale of visits, of temporary lodgings for individuals or groups, of services to be furnished during trips or temporary stays, particularly transportation tickets, reservation of rooms in hotels or tourist lodgings and issuing of hotel and restaurant vouchers, vouchers for services connected with tourist reception, particularly the organization of visits to museums and historical monuments, combined tourist tickets, as well as the organization and reception of fairs, salons and congresses or similar events, when these activities include all or part of the above-mentioned services, inasmuch as they facilitate reception or improve visiting conditions in their geographical zone of intervention.  Tourism Offices are local tourism organisms, at the service of local service-providers and who have signed a mandate agreement with them.


1-2 Through its reception service and its Internet site, the Arles Municipal Tourism Office sells various services which are governed by the present general sales conditions.

Ordering services on the website is reserved only for clients who have previously read the complete terms of our General Sales Conditions and have accepted them by checking the appropriate square or clicking on the appropriate hyperlink on our website. Without this acceptance the pursuit of the ordering process is technically impossible.   The client must be at least 18 years old, and must be legally capable of contracting and using the website in conformity with the general sales conditions.  Except in case of fraud, to be proven by the client, he is financially responsible for his actions on the website, especially the use that will be made of his name and password.  He also guaranties the truth and accuracy of information concerning himself furnished on the Internet site.  Any fraudulent, or judged fraudulent, use of the website, in contradiction with the present General Conditions, justifies that the user be refused, at any time, access to the services offered by our partners or other functionalities of the website.

The services sold at the reception desk of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office are governed by the same General Sales Conditions which are available for consultation from our hostesses.


1-3 The website mentions the following information :

The legal specifications allowing a precise identification of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office mentioning its corporate name, its mailing address, its electronic address, its telephone number, its fax number, its headquarters, its reference numbers for its inscription on the register of travel agents and other tour operators, its SIRET number, the essential characteristics of proposed services, prices, means of payment, general sales conditions and specific conditions having to do with reserved prices and dates of validity of offers.


1-4 The present General Sales Conditions are valid from their date of publication and are applicable except in case of other individual agreements.


1-5 The specific conditions of our partners mentioned in their service details and on their reservation confirmation are also applicable to the offering and furnishing of services, following terms identical to those of the present General Conditions.  Purchase or reservation signifies acceptation of our partners’ specific conditions.




Article 2 – Responsibility


2-1 When the Arles Municipal Tourism Office sells services to a client, it is the client’s only recognized intermediary and is responsible for the execution of the services ordered and the obligations resulting from the present Sales Conditions.


2-2 Programs created by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office depend on open dates and times of the various monuments, museums and establishments.  In the case of unexpected closings, the Arles Municipal Tourism Office cannot in any way be held responsible for an uncompleted program resulting from situations over which it has no control.


2-3 The Arles Municipal Tourism Office cannot be held responsible for total or partial nonfulfillment of services ordered, or for total or partial disrespect of the obligations mentioned in the present General Sales Conditions, in case of accident, of absolute necessity, of poor execution or faults committed by the client, or unpredictable and insurmountable actions by a third party having no involvement with the services furnished.


2-4 The Arles Municipal Tourism Office can in no way be held responsible in case of use of its contracts by a third party or for purposes other than tourism.


2-5 Descriptions and photographs of services proposed by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office are purely informative and under the sole responsibility of the service-provider.  Photographs posted on the website are non-contractual.  Even though every effort is taken to insure that photographs, drawings and texts illustrating the services provided give a picture as exact as possible of the proposed services, variations may occur.  The client cannot claim any compensation because of this.


2-6 Hyperlinks may lead to sites other than that of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office, which declines any responsibility for the content of these sites and the services offered.



Article 3 – Contracting


3-1  A reminder that any ordering of one or several services offered by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office implies that the client adheres without restriction or reserves to the present General Sales Conditions, which are visible and consultable at the reception desk of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office, or on the pages of the website 


3-2 Concerning on-line sales, the service contract becomes firm and definitive when the client has validated the page of his reservation on the website containing the summary of services ordered and has proceeded to the payment of all the services ordered.  As long as these conditions are not fulfilled, the service contract will be considered inexistent and the Arles Municipal Tourism Office will in no way be obliged to furnish the services ordered.


3-3 For on-line sales, the Arles Municipal Tourism Office promises to confirm to the client, by electronic mail or on paper, at the latest before the beginning of the services ordered, the nature and content of the services ordered and the General Sales Conditions.  


Article 4 – Absence of retraction rights


4-1  The legal measures concerning mail orders contained in the French « Code de la consommation » stipulate that the right to retract is not applied to tourism services (Code de la consummation Article L 121-20-4).  Therefore for any service order placed with the Arles Municipal Tourism Office, you have no right to retract.


4-2  Arles Municipal Tourism Office contact details :

12 boulevard Emile Zola, F-13200 Arles, France

( (0)4 90 18 41 20

Email : /




Article 5 – Price - Payment


5-1 The Arles Municipal Tourism Office reserves the right to modify at any time the price of its services, in agreement with the service provider.

Unless otherwise stipulated, stated prices in Euros include the VAT at the rate applicable on the date of the order. Any VAT rate change will automatically be applied on the prices stated on the date of the invoice.

In case of a reservation for lodging, additional local taxes to be paid on the spot may be imposed by local authorities (tourist tax, vacation tax…) and must be paid by the client.

Any modification or creation of new legal or statutory taxes imposed by the competent authorities will be automatically applied to the prices indicated on the date of the invoice.


5-2 On-the-spot reservations.  For reservations made at the Arles Municipal Tourism Office, the price corresponds to the services stipulated as they are described in the documents furnished at the reception desk.  Payment for services bought at the reception desk may be made by cash, check, “chèques vacances” or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).


5-3 Website reservations.  The price corresponds to the services stipulated as they are described on the website.  In case of modification, the price to be applied will be that in effect on the date of validation of the “Shopping cart” page on the website.   Prices indicated on the website may be modified at any time, without notice; naturally such modifications cannot be applied to reservations previously accepted.  Payment for services ordered on-line is made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) through a 3D Secure payment system validated by the French “Direction Générale des Finances Publiques” (Payzen).


5-4 Payment guaranties : at the time of reservation, the client is in direct contact with the secure payment server of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office’s bank which guaranties the confidentiality of the information furnished.  The secure payment server checks the validity of the credit card used before authorizing payment and automatically confirms the result.  



Article 6 – Service fulfillment conditions


The length of each service is that stipulated at the reception desk of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office and on its Internet website.  The client cannot in any case claim the right to remain on the premises at the end of the service.  For the correct execution of the service, the client must appear on the reserved date during the hours mentioned, or contact the service-provider directly.  All reservations are firm and definitive.


6-1  Specific arrangements for services ordered :

Tourism products, activities / visits, excursions :

The times mentioned must be respected in order to guarantee the correct execution of the service.

In case of delays without contact by the client concerning his arrival time, the service-provider alone decides if the reservation is guaranteed or not.  In the case that the service-provider cannot wait for delayed clients, no reimbursement is due.  It may happen that certain activities described in the contract or the service proposed by the service-provider be cancelled especially because of : bad weather, case of absolute necessity, out-of-season visit, or when the number of participants necessary for the activity is insufficient.  Cancelation of a scheduled activity for a case of absolute necessity cannot result in any compensation to the client by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office.


6-2  Ticketing :

The confirmation document must be presented by the client to the service-provider on arrival.

It is recommended to consult the scheduled opening days and hours of the establishment.



Article 7 – Contract transfer by the client


7-1  The client has the right to transfer his contract to a transferee who fills the same requirements as himself for the execution of the service.  In this case the client must inform the Arles Muncipal Tourism Office of his decision by e-mail, at the latest 7 days before the beginning of the service.


7-2  The contract must be transferred at cost price.  The transferer and the transferee are jointly responsible with regard to the seller, for the payment of any outstanding balance as well as any additional expenses created by this transfer. 




Article 8 – Modification by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office of an important element in the contract



8-1 When, before the scheduled date for the beginning of the service, the Arles Municipal Tourism Office is obliged to modify one of the essential elements of the contract, the client may, without prejudicing his right to claim reparation for any damage suffered, and after having been informed by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office by any available means :

  • Either cancel his contract and obtain the immediate reimbursement of any payment completed, with no penalties applied,
  • Or accept the modification or the substitution of services proposed by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office in which case an amendment to the contract, indicating the modifications, must be signed by the parties.


8-2 If the substituted service is less expensive than the service originally ordered, the surplus paid will be reimbursed to the client before the beginning of the service.



Article 9 – Additions and modifications by the client


9-1 Any service not reserved must be paid on the spot. Without a previous agreement with the Arles Municipal Tourism Office, the client cannot modify the execution of his service.  Expenses resulting from unaccepted modifications remain at the client’s charge.  If vouchers are not used, they will not be reimbursed.



Article 10 – Cancellation by the client


10-1  Reservations for guided visits, tickets, products and tourist services

For entrances into monuments, museums and other tourist sites, the tickets are valid for the length of time mentioned in the service description at the time of reservation and beginning with the first ticket to be checked on the spot.  They cannot be exchanged or reimbursed.

Concerning guided visits organized by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office and its outside contracting partners : they cannot be exchanged or reimbursed.

Concerning leisure activities as well as concerts and shows, the tickets cannot be exchanged or reimbursed except if the event is cancelled.


10-2 Reservations for excursions including transportation

For any total or partial cancellation more than 48 h before the beginning of the excursion, the client will be reimbursed for the sums received in payment for the cancelled services.  For any total or partial cancellation between 48 h and the day of the excursion no reimbursement will be consented except in case of a medical certificate presented by the ticket-holder. The certificate may be transmitted by the client after the scheduled date of the service, but the client must inform the Arles Municipal Tourism Office of the cancellation before the scheduled departure of the excursion.   


10-3 Purchasing a Pass

Any pass purchased gives access to the group of services mentioned, but for only one visit per site.  The pass is non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-reimbursable.



Article 11 – Cancellation by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office


When, before the beginning of the service, the Arles Municipal Tourism Office cancels a service, the client must be informed.  The client, without prejudicing his right to claim reparation for possible damage suffered, will be reimbursed the sums paid immediately and with no penalty.


11-1  Special measures concerning certain types of services requiring a minimum number of participants.  An insufficient number of participants can be a valid reason for cancellation of certain types of services.  In this case, the Arles Municipal Tourism Office reimburses the total sum paid corresponding to the service.  That possibility may intervene less than 24 hours before the beginning of the service activity.


11-2 Cancellation by the service-provider.

Managing the cancellation procedure for excursions is done by the Arles Municipal Tourism Office (reimbursement) and the service-provider (informing the client).

The responsibility of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office and the service-provider cannot be claimed if the excursion is delayed or detained because of absolute necessity, resulting from an accident, a third party or independent causes such as bad weather, labor protests, interventions of civilian or military authorities, natural catastrophes, strikes, cultural demonstrations, road-closings, fires, water damage, poor functioning or interruption of telecommunications or electricity networks.  Absolute necessity is defined as any event, independent of the affected party, having an unpredictable, irresistible and insurmountable character, preventing the service-provider from executing all or part of the incumbent obligations resulting from this contract. In any case, the service-provider will do everything in his power to limit the length and the effects of accidents, absolute necessity or other outside causes.

In case of absolute necessity, the client cannot claim compensation from the transportation company.


11-3 In the event that an absolute necessity arises, all the obligations detailed in the present document that are affected by the event will be suspended, and the party which normally should have executed the obligation is exonerated from any responsibility.  The service-provider reserves the right to cancel a reservation in case of absolute necessity and to change the date.  If the service-provider is obliged to cancel the service before the client is able to begin his activity, a postponement of the activity will be proposed.




Article 12 – Personal information


12-1 Confidentiality policy

On-line purchases oblige the purchaser to create an on-line account, allowing us to gather personal information.  We propose

  • That you receive our information letter
  • That you receive by e-mail information and/or special offers
  • That we transfer your contact details to third-party partners.



Validating our General Sales Conditions implies the acceptance of the gathering of this personal information.


In conformity with the European RGPD (Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données – General Rules for Data Protection), valid since May 25, 2018, we inform you that you have a right to access, modify, rectify or suppress information concerning yourself.

Your request must be submitted by e-mail to the following address : and will be effective within a delay of 48 h.


Personal information is stored in a data base managed by the technical team of the Vivaticket company.  That data base is lodged in the technical quarters of the Direction des Systèmes d’Information et de Télécommunication de la Ville d’Arles (City of Arles Department of Information and Telecommunication Systems), but also copied on the servers hosting the on-line sales solution (GAT portal) of our service-provider Vivaticket.  This information is neither communicated nor revealed to a third party.

The city of Arles, in accordance with the RGPD, has taken all necessary steps to protect the information gathered by its servers.  Likewise, Vivaticket, in its role as subcontractor for the information available on its servers (GAT portal) must respect the RGPD.


12-2 Finality of data processing :

The tourism office collects and processes your personal information for the following determined, explicit and legitimate purposes :


On the legal basis of contract execution :

Managing your client account, your “shopping cart” and your orders;

Managing orders and billing;


On the legal basis of your consent

Communicating information about current events of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office (newsletters, yearly brochure, etc.);


For any of this processing, you may withdraw your consent at any time by addressing your request to our Délégué à la Protection des Données (see contact details below).


On the legal basis of our legitimate interests

Commercial Solicitation/Prospection : we may use your contact details to send you targeted advertisements by e-mail or surface mail.  The Tourism Office promises to respect the rules applicable to each prospection channel.


Personal information will not be treated at a later time in any way incompatible with the above-mentioned purposes.


12-3  Data recipients

The recipients of your personal data are the relevant services of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office ;


Personal data collected through subscription and inscription forms is directed to the personnel in charge of information transmission at the Arles Municipal Tourism Office;

Personal data collected through the client account-creation forms is directed to the sales personnel at the Arles Municipal Tourism Office;   


12-4 Data conservation

In accordance with the RGPD, your personal information will only be conserved in a presentation that allows identification during a period not exceeding that necessary to the accomplishment of the service for which it was collected and processed.


Your personal information is stored either in the city of Arles computer data base, or in that of the GAT service provider, Vivaticket.


Data concerning clients is saved for 2 years after the end of the contractual relationship (date of last purchase or last contact with the Arles Municipal Tourism Office).


12-5 Data safety

The city of Arles, responsible for the processing, takes all necessary precautions to preserve the safety and confidentiality of your data and especially to prevent it being deformed, damaged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

The Direction des systems d’information et de Télécommunication de la ville d’Arles (City of Arles Information and Telecommunications Service) adheres to the information systems security policy formulated by the ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systems d’information).


The Arles Muncipal Tourism Office delegate for data protection : Mme Françoise Pansier,



Article 13 - Insurance


The Arles Municipal Tourism Office has subscribed to a tour operator civil responsibility insurance issued by GENERALI LARD Segment Entreprises Dommages 75456 PARIS CEDEX 09 – represented by Mr. Bonin, 67 bis, Avenue Stalingrad, 13200 ARLES, contract number : AM 708475, covering the consequences of the civil professional responsibility that it could incur as a local tourism organization authorized to commercialize products.


The Arles Muncipal Tourism Office is registered in the Registry of Tour Operators at Atout France under the number : IM0 131 10031 and is a member of the APST (Association Professionnelle de Solidarity du Tourism – Professional Tourism Solidarity Association).




Article 14 – Complaints - Litigation  


14-1   Any complaint relating to the sale of a service made by our personnel can be sent by surface mail to the Arles Municipal Tourism Office, within 10 days following the date of execution of the service to the following address :


Office Municipal de Tourisme

12 boulevard Emile Zola

F-13200 Arles



or by e-mail to :


A complaint/suggestion form may also be filed at the reception desk of the Arles Municipal Tourism Office or sent by e-mail to a tour counselor on request.


14-2   In the case of a complaint, the parties will try to find an amicable agreement.  In case of litigation, our General Conditions are subject to French law.  Any litigation relating to their interpretation and/or their execution comes under the authority of French law courts.